Dressing up the nasties

Skin4Gadgets gives a sexier second skin to your beloved gadgets

Using the Tukzer 10000mAH and 15000mAH capacity power banks to start with, Skin4Gadgets dresses them to a virtually unrecognisable state in graphic patterns.

This power bank that is fully compatible with most mainstream Smartphone and Tablet brands. Its intelligent control chip and professional circuit design will provide multiple security protection to the device. Apart from that its one-piece bracket design will assure the safety of the electric circuit and batteries, making it a safe and reliable power bank. There’s also an over-discharge and over-charge protection built into the unit so you could keep hitting that snooze button without setting yourself on fire.

Twin USB ports and a price tag of 2499 or 2999 should be tempting enough for anyone in need for portable power. Skin4Gadgets offers customized skin decals for the most popular phones, including the Apple iPhone skins, BlackBerry skins and Android skins, Along with the hottest Mp3 Players & laptops, including covers for the following Apple Macbook Decals, Apple Macbook Pro Decals, Dell Decals, HP Decals etc.