Clean air for ₹27 a day

Air is free, but clean air is rare. Blueair’s here to help with two new air purifier ranges designed with India in mind

It’s not just oxygen and other atmospheric gases going down your lungs anymore, you know. Added to the mix are airborne dust, pollen, smoke, allergens, viruses and chemicals.

Alarming, isn’t it? Even more alarming is recent research which indicates there are as many or even more pollutants inside your home than outside of it.

Sweden-based Blueair is single-mindedly focused on providing clean air for everyone everywhere, and especially in their homes. And this view in mind, it brings to us two new ranges - the street-cool, affordable Blue and an all-new intelligent Classic.


First, the Blue

It’s colourful, you can change the skins and, mainly, it’s affordable. At 22,990, the Blue offers your family clean air for 27 a day - that’s the cost spread over 6 years, inclusive of product, filters and electricity.

Its simple, cute looks are deceptive. Beneath that colourful skin lies a radical 360-degree air intake approach to air purification. Those replaceable, washable external fabrics double as a pre-filter and are available in five colours — blue, yellow, pink, light gray and dark grey.

Blue’s design optimises airflow by exploiting the mathematical shape of a hyperboloid that minimises noise levels, boosts particle retention thanks to a new ion chamber design, and leverages ‘click and change’ modularity to ease replacement of filters and components. Don’t let these terms intimidate you - all you need to use is a single central knob that you push to switch on and rotate to control fan levels.


And now, the Classic

The Classic range, priced from 55,000, is smart. The Blueair Classic 280i, 480i and 680i are equipped with Blueair’s built-in clean air intelligence technology that integrates seamless Wi-Fi with the standalone Blueair Aware air monitor. This not only helps you understand what is polluting your indoor air, but also enables you to ensure that it is speedily and effectively removed.

The Blueair Classic also offers an improved clean air delivery rate (CADR), filtering 20 percent more air on the faster speed setting and a substantially lower noise level and power consumption thanks to improved fan technology. Aesthetically, the units are now sleeker with a slightly more rounded appearance, a brighter white finish and an improved user interface hidden by a narrow display flap on the unit’s front.



Finally, the Blueair Friend app

It’s not smart unless there’s an app for it, isn’t it? Well ,here you are: the Blueair Friend app enables you to automatically control functions, such as the on/off, operating speed, LED light, child lock and night mode, on your Blueair Classic from any remote location with internet access. This means you can always breathe clean indoor air when you arrive at home. Check it out at