BlackBerry jams curves, touchscreens and keyboards into one slider phone

Forget the Leap, BlackBerry's already teasing its next phone - and it comes with everything but the kitchen sink.

While announcing its new BlackBerry Leap phone over at MWC 2015, BlackBerry also teased us with a glimpse at an as-yet unnanounced smartphone we know only as the Slide. 

Like a loaf of Hovis Best of Both, the mystery phone comes with a full touchscreen and the traditional BlackBerry keyboard which is hidden away by the slider mechanism. 

What's more, the handset is curved. At least according to BlackBerry's official Twitter account which said, "What a Surprise! Ron [Louks] just pulled out a dual-curved, all-touch display with a Keyboard - yes a slider device." What a Surprise indeed. 

We don't know more much more about the device - in fact, that's all we know. The fact that it has been half-revealed at MWC makes us suspect that it's running behind schedule and was supposed to be properly launched at the Barcelona show. So maybe we'll hear more about the device in early summer. Stay tuned for more details, we'll give 'em to you as we get 'em. 

Source: BlackBerry