Backups? Media sharing? The My Cloud EX2 Ultra does it all

A NAS should make your home-theatre the envy of all your mates

Western Digital’s new NAS might have a clunky name, but it can do a pretty nifty job in automating your backups or serving as the heart of your home theatre.

The first rule of Geek Club: “You can never have enough hard disk space”. And as you’d have guessed, the second rule goes somewhat along the lines of “Your disk will crash when you need it the most”. Luckily there’s a third rule as well: “Play smart and get a NAS”.

That’s where Western Digital’s My Cloud EX2 Ultra fits in. This two bay (you can fit in twin multiple-terabyte disks for up to 16TB in all) system can be configured to either maximise storage or to provide a safety net against a disk crash (using RAID 1 - the second disk is used to mirror the data stored on the first). Meanwhile, a dual-core 1.3Ghz processor and 1GB memory make multitasking snappier - and come in handy as this NAS can act as a media server by itself.


Surprise - it’s a media server as well!

Okay, keeping your vacation snaps and Macbook/Windows laptop backups safe might be a good enough reason to get a NAS , but there’s more. The My Cloud EX2 Ultra can run lots of apps - like the Twonky Media Server, Plex Media Server, Wordpress, and even torrent clients. So you can use this as a streaming or home-theatre media player, as a host for your website and even as a P2P download server.

So if you want to level up your home office or home-theatre, prices for the My Cloud EX2 Ultra range from  ₹17,499 (you’ll have to provide your own disks) to ₹35,499 (for the 4TB version).