Safe and sexy is Titan’s We hybrid smartwatch mantra

Thinking about someone? Yeah it’s got a button for that
04 January 2018 / 15:16IST

While companies make unisex smartwatches, Titan’s made a watch with tracking abilities for women. Sadly this doesn't count cramps and blood loss, but it’s got a handful of other features that make women go OMG. While some of you are counting those Swarovski crystals on the dial, let’s talk about the watch. The Titan We has a phone finder button to track your missing phone, it’s got a safety button to alarm your peeps in the given network and to top it off, it’s got a ‘thinking about you’ button. What? Just press that button and notify someone that you’re thinking of him/her. It's a mix of creepy and cute. Lastly, it can track steps and those precious calories women keep talking about. Sigh. The Titan We starts at ₹9,995 and the one in the pic above is for ₹12,495. Go try and buy them from your nearest World of Titan or Helios showroom or you could call for it from Flipkart.