BenQ’s PD2710QC monitor is for designers with Mac’s adaptor anxiety

One port does everything
06 November 2017 / 17:55IST

Apple’s vivid imagination of the future might burn a hole in your pocket but BenQ’s got something good out of it. No, this ₹62,500 monitor is not going to stitch it back but it will definitely stop it from stretching out. Those multiple adaptors can take a hike. This LED monitor has one USB Type-C connector securing your laptop to its multipurpose dock. It charges your laptop, connects to the internet, transfers data and audio-video files only using one solid 5Gbps USB Type-C cable. The dock also gives you additional audio, video, network and USB ports for an adaptor-free experience. The 2K resolution covers 100% RGB and Rec. 701. This designer-loving monitor measures 27in and has an IPS panel, certified by Technicolor. That alone should clarify your wallet’s future.

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