The new Amazon Smart Plug is a genie

Our wish is its (voice) command...
19 October 2020 / 17:04IST

Living in a smart ecosystem turns into an addiction before we know it. By the time we become aware of its existence, it’s often too late. Upgrading all your appliances to smart ones has been becoming too big of a commitment… and our recent credit card bills are proof of the addiction we were in denial of. Amazon’s Smart Plug is a handy solution to our ambition of turning all (at least most) of our devices into smarter versions of themselves. The Smart Plug is a pocket-friendly option to control appliances and make them… well… ‘pseudo-smart’. Plug in and add voice control to any boring old socket, and it’ll behave like an all-new smart device. Set-up is easy peasy… plug in, open the Alexa app and start using your voice to control just about anything. From mobile chargers, lamps, kettles and television, the Smart Plug supports smaller home devices with ease, minus the expense that changing your ecosystem was otherwise coasting you. The Smart Plug is available on for a modest ₹1999, which, if you agree with us, is a fraction of the price a new smart device has been costing us. 

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