Eufy’s Robovac 35C will bust the crust and dust to keep your home clean

Brooms are for witches
13 July 2021 / 11:38IST

Robots are slowly taking over jobs from humans, and someday could take over the entire world. For now, robotic vacuum cleaners are giving some competition to the trusty maid. Eufy by Anker has introduced its Robovac 35C. This super slim robot is Wi-Fi enabled, and goes around your house with its three-point cleaning system, and improved suction to remove all the dirt and debris. Just command Alexa or Google Assistant, and sit back or even schedule your cleaning sessions so you don’t have to lift a finger. With its large dustbin container and quiet functionality you can leave it to work for long hours without hassle. When the Robovac runs out of charge, it will find its way to the charging station, and connect automatically. Starting at ₹14,999, the Robovac 35C is available on Flipkart. 


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