Ambrane’s WP11 10050mAh power bank is essential for adventure junkies

Drop it, dip it and re-charge it
20 February 2018 / 13:33IST

Power banks have become a necessity to travel with today. Especially for the ones who scroll through never ending social media feeds the entire trip or for those who vlog their day for an audience who doesn't care. Nevertheless, power banks are important and serve us with precious juice. Ambrane’s WP11 is not like those other power banks, it's got 10050mAh of juice with rugged features to sustain your travel hardships. Go dip it in the river (IP67 - up to 1m for 30 mins), roam around with it in the dust and perform drop tests for fun. It's got two USB ports to juice your device and will cost you ₹2999. Go get it from Ambrane India or your nearest electronic retail store.