Hasbro’s Monopoly Speed lets you rev up the frustratingly long-lasting game

The quickie of board games
27 December 2019 / 15:27IST

If playing Monopoly was the thing you were dreading during the year-end family vacation, think again. Let’s admit it: it takes AGES to finish one game, but since you are suckers for board games during vacay, here’s the quickie version of it that’ll let the fam bond over property without letting that rage take over over rentals and mortgages. Monopoly Speed is the faster, quicker version of the classic game, and it bypasses some of the frustrating round of buying, trading and selling. You get to announce the winner by the end of four quick rounds, which, if played right, don’t last over 10 minutes. So make a quick stop at your nearest Hamleys store and pack it away for the road. Our favourite: getting out of Jail free every time!