Zhiyun Smooth Q3, Weebill 2 gimbals launched in India to shoot wobble-free videos

Hold it steady
09 September 2021 / 10:58IST

Whether you’re an aspiring vlogger or just want to shoot videos with Steadicam-esque stability, there are two new gimbals in the Indian market to choose from. Zhiyun has launched the Smooth Q3 for smartphone users, and the Weebill 2 for DSLRs. The Smooth Q3 is a three-axis gimbal with features like rotatable fill light, object tracking, Dolly Zoom, and Magic Clone Panorama for you to shoot creative videos. The ZY Cami smartphone companion app helps with connectivity, and using the smart templates and editing options. The Weebill 2, on the other hand, is for professionals who use mirrorless cameras or DSLRs to create content. It features a 2.88in flip-out HD touchscreen display and smart features like timelapse, one-touch smart follow, and more. The Smooth Q3 is priced at ₹9,000, while the Weebill 2 is priced at ₹59,000. There’s also a Weebill 2 Pro model priced at ₹75,000. Both gimbals are available via camera stores, and e-commerce sites.