Belkin’s Soundform gets the party started and keeps it charged up

Caling power
18 June 2021 / 12:25IST

Belkin has launched a slew of new audio products in India under the new SoundForm series. This includes the Soundform headphones and the Soundform TWS earphones. The TWS buds feature Belkin’s ‘Clear-call’ tech and promises a cool 8 hours of non-stop playtime, plus another 28 in the charging case. What got our ears up however, was the Soundform BoostCharge that is essentially a speaker that doubles up as a wireless charging stand. It supports 10W of wireless charging while blurting out your tunes or facetiming via Bluetooth. The Soundform Headphones are available for ₹2999, TWS buds come in at ₹4999 and the Boost Charge is available to buy for ₹5999.