Uber Lite is for ancient Android phones and bad network areas

Guaranteed to work in Mumbai monsoons… maybe
12 June 2018 / 14:10IST

Uber just announced a Lite version of their ongoing app that takes up just 5MB of your storage space. One selfie less is all it takes to fit an app that brings air-conditioned cabs right to your doorstep. It even eats lesser data and will work in areas with 2G network. Uber says the app is designed to keep in mind old and small Android devices that have less screen real estate and therefore the UI is made to be as 'tap' friendly as possible. All to avoid typing more than necessary. As part of initial launch phase, it'll only be available in Delhi, Jaipur and Hyderabad. Other cities will get it in the coming months. There's even an option to use it in seven different regional languages. For now though, anyone using an Android device with Android 4.0 or above can download it and get going. iOS availability is not mentioned but frankly, sobby Apple users might laugh at the data saving and storage saving “Lite” version of anything.