SociallyGood helps you help others via its new app

It is time to up your Karma quota...
07 May 2019 / 12:45IST

The SociallyGood mobile app currently allows donors and volunteers to discover and engage with social causes of their interest through donation and volunteering. ‘Karma Points’ accumulated through contributions incentivize individuals to strengthen their ‘Social Karma Profile’ and inspire others to join the cause. The app also helps corporate companies to discover relevant non-profits aligned with the UNDP-SDGs (United Nations Development Programme - Sustainable Development Goals), as well as their individual CSR goals and provides reliable data about the progress and impact of their social campaigns. The platform also enables NGOs and social entrepreneurs to create, manage, and drive their social campaigns in a cost-efficient manner across multiple online channels. By removing physical limitations through digital fundraising and volunteering campaigns, SociallyGood helps them increase their reach on the donor and volunteer fronts. Non-profits can also assign diverse roles to volunteers, based on their individual skills and availability. You can start collecting your Karma Points by starting here.