Hungama Music association improves experience on streaming services for Xiaomi fans

Mi Music gets a facelift and Mi Video app makes its debut this month
04 May 2018 / 12:10IST

Try taking a Mumbai local and you’ll know there’s no better travel companion other than a good music streaming service. Music is an essential part of our daily commute and Mi fans would agree more than ever once they’ve experienced the updated version of Mi Music. Their newest association with Hungama Music will make you wish you stayed even further from office so you could listen to just a little bit more  music… not really. But this association holds the promise of more content partners in the coming months, so you can hear more. The update also includes music in 13 language choices, Karaoke with dynamic lyrics option and scroll through a song via the lyrics. The Pro version of this comes at a pittance of just 899 annually. Mi Video, which launched alongside the upgrade promises you content that’ll not get over before your mid life crisis. The one tap cast to any Smart TV with DLNA is a bonus, if you’ve already decided to deal with midlife crisis by watching TV, rather than splurging on a sports car you can afford but wouldn’t really look good in.