Master your Mac: 7 useful OS X keyboard shortcuts

Precious seconds saved all add up...

We don't want to tell you how to live your life. If you enjoy rocking socks with sandals while listening to the Eurovision song Contest's Greatest Hits, that's on you. But, if we could suggest one thing, it would be learning these hand-picked selection of useful OS X shortcuts.  

You can achieve everything over the next few pages with a mouse of course, but you'll save time, increase your efficiency, and look like you're hacking into mainframes all day long.

Oh, and if you could at least consider ditching the socks, you'll be doing yourself a massive favour.

1. New folder with selection

If you want multiple files to live in the same new folder then you can save yourself time by selecting them, tapping a few keys, and throwing them all together without having to create an extra folder separately:

Cmd + Ctrl + N = New folder filled with selected items

2. Quit directly from the app switcher

Most users know that CMD + TAB lets you switch applications, while CMD + Q quits the current application.  It’s also actually possible to combine the two shortcuts, letting you quickly and smoothly quit apps as you’re cycling through them.

Don't worry - if you haven’t saved, you’ll get a save popup, just as if you were quitting from the app itself. You can also hide applications from the app switcher, using the CMD + H shortcut, avoiding any autopilot quitting mistakes:

1. Cmd + Tab brings up the application switcher.

2. Press Tabrepeatedly (while holding Cmd) to cycle through active applications.

3. Cmd + Q to quit application.