Five reasons to head to the Finnish Lapland for a show in the snow

At the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, it’s all about Finnishing touches

There’s an old saying in Lapland that goes, “If you don’t believe in Santa Claus, go suck an egg.”

Okay fine, there’s no such saying. But you’ll be hard pressed to think otherwise in a place like this. Because when you visit the northern reaches of this magical land, you’ll start to think that maybe he does exist. And in the enchanted grounds of Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, you may even see him for reals.Or it may just be the owner, Jussi Eiramo, who, with his fluffy white beard and rosy cheeks, looks set to go dashing through the snow at the slightest provocation. Something of a legend in these parts, the Jussi story of how he came to build this world-famous resort is remarkable. When Jussi’s car ran out of gas on his way home from a fishing trip in 1973, he was forced to spend the night in a tent while waiting for help to arrive. By morning, for some inexplicable reason (let’s blame it on the elves) Jussi realised there was something special about the place and was reluctant to return home. So he built a small cabin on the spot, which grew into a tiny cafe, which finally, many years later, became the luxury 1200-plus acre resort that it is today.There are many reasons why you should brave the cold and the long journey to experience Kakslauttanen in all its glory. But for now, here are five:

Lap it up

This is the kind of holiday that you come back from feeling absolutely disgusted. Not because of the place, but because what you have to come back to can never match up. Granted, it’ll probably cost you a wee bit more than your average holiday (when I say ‘wee bit’ I mean ‘kidney’), but think of it as an investment - you’ll have a silo of memories stored away for a lifetime.