Auto of Tomorrow

Wheels In Motion

As exciting as these Silicon Valley experiments may be, they’ve got to amount to something, right? Turns out a whole bunch of next-gen concepts and products are trickling down into our everyday lives. From P2P car-sharing to a newer version of SYNC that’s eerily accurate, we’re driving towards the future of auto tech at full thrust.



The 2016 Mustang appears hazy on our horizon, but we’re just as excited about the SYNC 3 it’ll come with. Standout features include snappy performance, conversational voice recognition and a smartphone-like touchscreen.

P2P Sharing

Peer-2-Peer Car Sharing is a pilot program for select customers in six US cities as well as London. It lets Ford Credit-financed customers rent their vehicles for pre- screened drivers for short- term use.

Split-View Cars

Ford’s Edge and Explorer vehicles in the US now boast of split-view cams. Using real- time video feeds from 1MP wide-angle lens cams, this tech shows its users oncoming obstacles from either side, or head on. Lifesaver!

Ford Figo Aspire

The recently announced compact sedan is only so on paper. Step inside and it’s a spacious little four-wheeler. Also included is Ford’s premium app-link service and a programmable key to set limits on speed and audio volume.

Turns out the future is coming at us faster than ever.

It’s smart, it’s green and it’s slathered up with enough tech to make Minority Report look normal.

Time to buckle up and hit the go pedal. Hard.