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Best SIM-free smartphone deals

It's time to upgrade

The screen of Google's new Pixel 6 Pro smartphone

There has never been a better time to bag yourself a SIM-free phone.

From the all-new Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro to the Apple iPhone 13 or 13 Pro we’ve got more powerful innards, better cameras and higher-res screens to dive into than ever before. 

Let’s check the latest deals:


Google Pixel 6 Pro review

Previous Pixel phones usually got the first part right, and always delivered on the camera front, yet conservative specs elsewhere left them on the back foot against flagship rivals. Good news, Google fans: that all changes here


  • Slick, streamlined OS
  • Premium hardware competes with the best of them
  • Awesomely capable cameras
  • Telephoto lens
Google Pixel 6 Pro review

Nokia G50

A big screen and 5G support make the G50 an ideal phone for stream fiends trying not to break the bank. It’s not especially quick, and those cameras are merely OK, but it’s still a lot of device for your cash.


  • 5G for very little outlay
  • Huge screen
  • Pure Android with guaranteed updates
Nokia G50 review

Sony Xperia 1 III

More multi-division Sony greatness, with a seriously impressive screen and pro-level camera abilities. Photo novices might find it difficult to master, but no rival has such comprehensive out-of-the-box ability


  • Astonishing display
  • Ultra-speedy camera
  • No-compromise feature list
Sony Xperia 1 III review