Fully Charged: Star Wars Episode VII release date, Motorola tattoos microphone and 3D painting

The zany world of tech rounded up in a moderate dose to sooth your daily addicition

Star Wars Episode VII slated for 2015 launch

May the Force be with you and Jar Jar binks never be brought back... EVER. There’s finally an official release date for the widely awaited follow-up to the Star Wars saga - 18th December 2015. The movie is still in its pre-production stage, with shooting to start in 2014. Here's hoping that Episode VII doesn’t have any annoying aliens in it again, or we'll be forced to think the xenophobic Emperor Palpatine might have been right after all. 

Source: Starwars.com

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GE experimenting with 3D Painting

3D printing is the in thing now, but 3D painting? That's barely heard of, but not for long. GE is experimenting with something more creative than figurines. The technology called “cold spray” builds layers of metal by spraying metal powder at really high velocities. This process can be used to repair worn metal parts and is only limited to the spread of its spray. Pretty cool, considering that 3D printing is limited to the size of the object.

Source: GE

Motorola wants to tattoo a microphone to your throat

We know wearable computing is the in thing but Motorola might be taking things a little too far. The company has applied for one of the oddest patent we've heard - tattooing a microphone with a power supply on your throat. The tattooed microphone captures the vibrations of your larynx, which simultaneously reduces background noise, and connects to mobile devices via Bluetooth or NFC.

Source: Engadget

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