Xperia Ear Connectivity: range anxiety

The Ear hooks into your smartphone over Bluetooth, and once you've installed the companion app and set it up, it'll automatically link up the second you pop it in your ear.

Range, like nearly everything else with the Ear, is just kind of alright. It didn't drop connection once during my time testing it, but get more than a few meters or so away from your handset and you'll loose connection.

It'll be fine if you just fancy leaving your phone on the desk and grabbing something across the room; but if you decide to take a trip to the loo with your earpiece in (not advised) you'll be cut off.


Xperia Ear Verdict

Remember when every Gordon Gecko wannabe had a Bluetooth earpiece? Praise the tech gods, the Xperia Ear is a hell of a lot better than any of those helpless hands-free kits were.

Voice recognition really helps it stand out, and the connection seemed very stable throughout our testing. It even looks pretty sleek - for an earpiece, at least.

Away from the basics, though, the Xperia Ear starts to show its flaws. It's just so slow to react to voice commands that, provided your hands aren't otherwise occupied, you're normally better off just getting you phone out and checking it yourself.

Aside from a couple of cute gimmicks like reading the headlines, and controlling your smartphone if you're really busy doing something else, it's really only for people that just can't be bothered to get their phone out.

If you don't think you'll end up using the extra functions, you might want to give it a miss unless you really value it's looks; there are loads of equally good hands-free earpieces out there at much lower prices.

Stick around for further news of local availability and prices. 

Tech Specs 
Earpiece 6.8g, Charging Case 39g
Earpiece 15.2 x 29.3 x 24.3 mm, charging case 29 x 41 x 60 mm
Stuff says... 

Sony Xperia Ear review

Sony's in-ear AI butler looks and feels good, but unless your hands are constantly full, isn't yet ready to run your life
Good Stuff 
Accurate voice recognition
Battery life is decent enough
Subtle styling
Bad Stuff 
Slow to respond
Too pricey if you don't need the extra functions