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Samsung is top dog in the TV market these days, and this model is one of its best. Its 55in display is small enough for the average living room, but covers enough of the wallpaper to make houseguests coo. Just try not to shake your telly too often: its stand can be a little unstable.

It’s a crowd pleaser, the Labrador of the group and the most likely candidate here to claim your affection. Is there a catch? Only if you’re super demanding. This is a mid-range model, sitting below the fancy SUHD models, where ‘S’ stands for ‘super’ (but could also be ‘steroids’). That means you don’t quite get the premium OMG factor, or the high-contrast future-proofing provided by HDR (high dynamic range) compatibility.

Then again, HDR is still a way off, and this set offers plenty for your sterling right now. Samsung has even updated its smart interface, replacing its stale old home hub system for a slick new multitasking pop-up bar.

Picture perfect?

Not quite, but it’s pretty darn close. It has everything you need: great performance, good looks, web-based smarts and plenty of connections. Picture quality is stunning – super sharp and clear in 4K, and brilliantly upscaled in 1080p and standard definition.

Colours are just right, popping enough to grab your attention without searing your retinae. Contrast is really good, too, especially by LCD standards. The Samsung has no problem juggling bright whites with murky shadows, showing off plenty of texture at both extremes.

The sound isn’t quite as superlative – that said, it’s balanced, never harsh and better than most flatscreen TVs. Then there’s that Tizen smart interface, a multitasking concept shamelessly borrowed from LG. Jumping between apps is as easy as changing channels, but LG’s WebOS does do it with more polish.

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Samsung UA55JU7000 review

This is pretty much everything you want from a 4K television