In the line of midrange smartphones, we're pretty spoilt. It's come to a point where for the budget that you have, you can get a smartphone with some decent or even impressive tech that fits your daily needs. It's been a market that's been a hit or miss for Samsung, as their flagship smartphones remains their best offering thus far. But based on the A series, you can tell that Samsung is making some serious strides, even if they still have some ways to go.

Better design and display

I've reviewed the A30 before and found it to be a decent smartphone at best. In a way, the A50 has a few great additions that makes it better. For one thing the smartphone has an optical fingerprint reader instead of a rear fingerprint sensor, which makes it much easier to use and unlock. Seeing as the A30 was bigger, it was harder to use the fingerprint sensor there, but no worries here for sure.

In terms of display, Samsung Galaxy A50 has an impressive AMOLED screen which was also evident in the A30. Colours look beautiful and rich and just overall fantastic, so watching videos and gaming are great, even if it does have some other issues (will touch on that later). It also has an infinity-U waterdrop notch that juts into the 6.4-inch Super AMOLED display. They do have bezels at the sides and top which are as slim as they get in this category. Even so the design is ruined by the rather big chin at the bottom which makes screen-to-body ratio is a very respectable 85.2%.

Does what it can

The A50’s camera is pretty decent as it comes with an Ultra Wide Camera as well as a 25MP (F1.7) with a 5MP Depth Camera to round it all out. Definitely great for taking photos to put on social media, and they look especially amazing on the phone's AMOLED screen. The same can't really be said for its front camera. It's okay, sure, but could be better. Even testing out its AR I could see some visible lags and it doesn't follow as well using the front camera. Whatever it is, the A50 is a decent enough camera for casual social media users, and nothing more.

The Samsung Galaxy A50 has a 4,000mAh battery which is actually pretty impressive and with some good use, the phone comfortable lasts a full day of use. I did have some issues, especially with gaming where the smartphone did feel hot and I noticed a significant battery drainage. So even with a gorgeous screen that looks great for gaming, I wouldn't recommend it. Still, it's a great smartphone for music, video and social media use.

The thing about midrange smartphones is that they never focus on audio, and the same can be said with the A50. While it sounds decent enough, but its placement at the bottom of the smartphone leads to the possibility of you accidentally blocking the audio at some points.

All you need in a midrange

Overall the Samsung Galaxy A50 is a great midrange smartphone. It packs enough power and display to be a great smartphone for typical, daily use as long as you’re not a heavy smartphone user that does gaming or wanting to take impressive photos. If that sounds good for you, check out the A50.

Stuff says... 

Samsung Galaxy A50 review

It may not be a powerhouse like Samsung’s flagship smartphones, but it’s a great midrange phone for daily usage.
Good Stuff 
Great specs for a midrange smartphone
Fantastic AMOLED screen
Optical fingerprint scanner
Bad Stuff 
Smartphone gets warm easily with long use
This likely leads to fast battery draining
Unimpressive front camera