HTC’s Vive line of virtual reality headsets are arguably the best way to to experience this new spectrum of gaming. With the original Vive making waves when it came out, HTC has been upping their game with better hardware. Which brings us to this; the HTC Vive Pro. 

Now they’re not joking with the Pro moniker, this is probably the most advanced headset HTC has put out. While it retains most of the capabilities the previous model had, it’s biggest upgrade comes to the resolution displayed, coming in at 1440 x 1600 pixels per eye. This gives you a much clearer image, and less strain on the eyes.

Easily the best part of the Vive Pro is the headset itself which really surpasses the original. First off, it comes in a dark shade of blue and has a built-in headset, as well as a better head-strap system that forgoes the velcro opting for an ergonomic screw tightening system.

Games like Beat Saber and Superhot are definitely some of the best to try on the Vive Pro, especially with the SteamVR Tracking 2.0 Base Stations which allows for better tracking of your body. Though as per usual with VR games, the mileage may vary. There are some free games that are included when you buy the HTC Vive Pro, but most of them are just glorified tech demos and aren’t really worth your time. The good games must be bought unfortunately.

The only thing that really holds the Vive Pro back is the absurdly expensive price, making it almost only exclusive to the most ardent of Vive fans. That said, it definitely is the best way to experience VR. The clearer images produced by the Vive Pro are definitely welcomed, but be wary that it doesn’t mitigate motion sickness as much, so it really depends on the person playing’s immunity to motion sickness.


To sum it up, the HTC Vive Pro blows everything the original did and improves on it so much. The new head strapping and the higher resolution really makes this headset earn the Pro moniker. It’s a shame that the high price tag means not many can enjoy this luxury.

Stuff says... 

HTC Vive Pro review

A device only for hardcore VR fans.
Good Stuff 
Best way to experience VR
New strapping system is great
Looks pretty and premium
Bad Stuff 
Steep Price
Some of the free games aren’t that good
The clearer image doesn’t mitigate motion sickness