Homes are becoming smarter and smarter with more Internet Of Things becoming widely accessible, being able to convert any house into a smart home as long as there is internet access. Air conditioning is a staple in all Malaysian homes and we have yet to see a truly smart air-con. The Ambi Climate aims to fill in that gap in the market.

A Smarter Way To Cool Off

So how would a smart Air-con even work? What aspect of air-conditioning needs a smart upgrade anyway? Well, if you find yourself constantly shifting the temperature of your air-con as the day grows hotter or cooler, a smart air-con is used to alleviate that and let AI do all that work for you. The Ambi Climate acts as a middleman between you and your air-con. As the device uses AI algorithms to optimise the perfect temperature in your house based on weather forecasts, time of day and your indoor environment. As you use the Ambi Climate, it will learn of your surroundings, your habits, and preferred air-conditioning timing and personalise them to suit your needs.

And once it is set up, the Ambi Climate works as it should, letting you turn your air-con on even when you’re out of your home, setting up specific preferences and settings, and monitoring the temperature everyday to provide you with the perfect amount of cooling air. It all works fine, but it doesn’t feel necessary.

Chilly Setbacks

Compared to other smart devices, this definitely feels more optional. Like a smart fridge that allows you to see the inside of the fridge even when you’re not home, changing the way you buy groceries to make life easier. The Ambi Climate is only a middleman, instead of actually being integrated into the air-con unit itself. Besides, if it’s really hot outside, you’re going to want to just crank up the air-con all the way up anyway.


It’s also not so great if you have multiple air-cons in your home, requiring multiple Ambi Climates to have your house to have smart temperature control. The app also isn’t the most responsive; even the way you set the temperature to either Celsius or Fahrenheit isn’t as intuitive as it should be.


In short, the Ambi Climate is definitely meant for a niche audience. It isn’t the next big innovation that is needed in every home, but certainly sets the stage for something even greater sometime down the line. Find out more about the Ambi Climate right here.

Stuff says... 

Ambi Climate review

It definitely works, but isn’t a must-have for every home.
Good Stuff 
Looks cool
Perfect for LCD based air-cons
Learns about your temperature preferences
Bad Stuff 
Faulty companion app
Unnecessary for most homes
Very fickle with its placement