Sometimes as a personal preference, there are those of us who find working on a laptop a lot better than using a tablet. While the Microsoft Surface and the iPad Pro has add on keyboards and mouse to make it seem more like a laptop, let’s face it; it just isn’t the same. Ports like ethernet, USB, HDMI are ideal on a laptop, and nothing beats a good, sturdy laptop to get what you need done on the go, and this is where Acer’s TravelMate comes to the rescue.

To be fair, I personally prefer a laptop over a tablet anytime, possibly due to the fact that I am a writer and I like the sturdiness of a laptop more than a tablet. So the TravelMate X3310-M definitely caught my attention as something ideal for me to use, and the further I tested it out, the more I felt right in this assumption.


The first thing you’ll notice about the TravelMate is it is not a looker and it sure seems fine with that. It has a basic militarian robust style that screams tough and sturdy no matter where you go with it. That style may be what it’s going for as the laptop has been certified with US military testing standards and can withstand drops from a height of 122cm, and it shows.

Despite how it looks, the TravelMate is surprisingly light with a weight of 1.6kg, as it was easy to hold the laptop with one hand without any strains on the wrist. It’s the best laptop I’ve tested so far in terms of weight and how light it is to carry it around. It also has a long battery life of supposedly 15 hours with heavy use, and the TravelMate extends this further by going to sleep mode whenever it is idle for too long.

A powerhouse within

Just because it looks militarian, it doesn’t mean the TravelMate functions as one. With an Intel Core i5 chip, the laptop boots up and loads fast, which makes it an ideal laptop for word processing and casual surfing for videos and news sources. Again, ideal for a writer like me, but also for work professionals who would like to do presentations as well on their laptops as it does come with all the necessary ports you would expect from a laptop. While it can be used for some light photo editing, it’s not recommended for heavy gaming or video editing as you will wear down the laptop further that way.

Also, no touch screen option, which should be a given but it’s important to note as many other portable laptops out there do have the option. Basically, don’t expect to treat the TravelMate like a tablet in any way. It is a laptop in every way possible, and a portable and sturdy one at that.

With a price tag of over MYR 4,000 though, it’s a steep price to pay in comparison to other portable options. But if you’re looking for a long lasting and sturdy laptop to be with you wherever you go, Acer’s TravelMate X3310-M is the ideal laptop to consider.

Stuff says... 

Acer TravelMate X3310-M Malaysia review

If working on tablets like the Microsoft Surface or the iPad Pro isn't your kind of thing and prefer a more classic style to work on the go, this is the laptop for you.
Good Stuff 
Really lightweight
Long battery life
Sturdy build that can withstand heavy impacts
Bad Stuff 
Basic militarian design
Not recommended for heavy use like gaming or video editing
No touchscreen option