Laptops are changing. They’re getting smaller, lighter and smarter.

This isn’t just the inevitable march of tech in action either. Right now they’re fighting to survive, as more of us use phones and iPads for the jobs we’d have whipped a laptop out for just a couple of years ago.

Judging by the contender we have here, we won’t be hearing any death rattles just yet.

The Blade Stealth is a moody-looking laptop. On its own it’s a svelte, pitch-black ultraportable. Hook it up to the Core graphics rig, though, and it transforms into a gaming monster.


Forget silver, forget Rose Gold. This is the stealth bomber of ultraportable laptops. It’s black, it’s slim, it’s made of aluminium. Think Darth Vader and the dark side of the force to Luke Skywalker's Jedi, and you're halfway there.

At 13.1mm thick, you’ll have no trouble sliding the Blade Stealth into the most compact of carry-on bags. It tips the scales at 1.29kg, which is light enough to forget you’re carrying one.

It’s built like a tank, with no weak links at all, and the all-metal finish is fantastic, too - you’re guaranteed envious stares from those in the know when you get one out in public. That green oruboros logo on the lid is the gaming equivalent of wearing a Stonecutters ring. Just remember - no Homers.

You can can dim the trademark LEDs when you don’t want to show off, though. Whip it out in Starbucks and you don’t have to look like a one-person LAN party.



Where’s the fun in staying subtle, though? Razer’s awesome Chroma LED backlight tech makes this the most customisable keyboard backlight seen in an ultraportable, with fine-grain control over brightness and colour.

You can set it to any colour of the rainbow to take the brutish edge off all that black, or make it fire off a light show every time you type using one of the handful of inbuilt profiles. Want a Matrix-style green cascade every time you hit a key? You got it.

It feels fantastic to type on, too, with responsive keys and a satisfying amount of travel whenever you push one down.

You might think a tiny laptop like this would be a nightmare to work on, but don’t worry: I had no trouble typing up this review, and its full-size keys still leave room for speakers on either side of the keyboard tray.

No laptop speakers sound amazing, and while you could happily watch a film using these, there was just no way they could do justice to the fantastic display.

Tech Specs 
12.5in 3840x 2160 LCD
Intel Core i7 i7-7500U
Intel HD 620, Optional Core external graphics module (£399)
Windows 10
53.6 Wh
321 x 206 x 13.1mm, 1.29kg
Stuff says... 

Razer Blade Stealth review

Why choose between style and stamina, and playing Skyrim with all the fancy effects? The Blade does both - as long as you invest in the Core
Good Stuff 
Gorgeous looks, with the funky keyboard LEDs on or off
Impressive gaming potential when hooked up to the Core
Fantastic screen if you shell out for the QHD model
Bad Stuff 
Battery life isn’t the best
Core is an expensive add-on
Touchpad is a little on the small side