The realme C3 Is An Entry Level Gaming Monster Smartphone

Want a gaming smartphone without forking the bill? Well, get the realme C3.

realme has been keeping a consistent record for rolling out high performance smartphones for a price tag that does not intimidate. For that reason, they are hailed as one of the forerunners of amazingly spec-ed smartphones that are widely accessible, especially by the younger masses. And one of the main appeals of the younger markets are none other than gaming. In this article, we explore the true powers of the realme C3 that makes it a beast in the realm of mobile gaming.

As the world's first smartphone to come with the MediaTek Helio G70 processor, the realme C3 could just be the most powerful entry-level device in this period of time. For mobile gamers not wanting to spend a fortune on a mobile gaming device that works perfectly, the realme C3 is the definite purchase option for them.

The reason why we call it a Gaming Monster is attributed mainly to the phone’s AnTuTu benchmark scores around 193,000! This is exceptionally impressive considering that the realme C3 is segmented as an entry-level smartphone.

To reiterate about the MediaTek Helio G70, it’s a 12nm chip eight-core chip that clocks up to 2.0GHz. The graphics processor that is paired with is the ARM Mali-G52. It is said that this chip has MediaTek’s special CorePilot technologies that champions consistent and elite-level mobile gaming for its efficiency and reliability throughout a gaming session.

In case you’re wondering, it scored better than phones with the Snapdragon 665 or the Exynos 7904 chips. That’s really something to be amazed for its price tag.

Moreover, it’s not just about processing and graphics capabilities as MediaTek Gaming Technology is also focused on optimizing network latency. Apart from the technology’s ability to keep network latency at the lowest, its real purpose is to optimize for a stable experience and reducing in-game lag. The Helio G70’s Display Latency on the other hand optimizes display for faster response time and more accurate screen control to boost fluidity of the touchscreen and the experience of using it.

Last but not least the realme C3 comes with LPDDR4X RAM, where the graphics performance is improved by 20% while RAM performance shoots up by more than 100%! How’s that for an entry-level Gaming Monster?

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