Plantronics, the American based company that provides communication solutions for businesses and corporations, now emerge with their latest line of consumer based wireless audio peripherals. One particular product is the BackBeat FIT 3100, which is tailored for heavy outdoor use.


At first glance, we see the earbuds in its case which also acts as a charging platform for the  device. The charging case has a built in battery capacity that adds 10 hours of playback time to the device itself. This works like a powerbank for the earbuds, as once you’ve depleted its battery , just place them back in the charging case and it will charge accordingly with 15 minutes of charge time  which equates to 1 hour of playback time. On standby, the BackBeat FIT 3100 it can reach up to 14 days.


The earbuds  weighs in at an impressive lightness  of only 22 grams. They are so light that one would actually forget that they have the earbuds on. When worn, it did feel  like it didn’t fit inside the ears properly but all doubts are eased thanks to the earbud hooks secured nicely around your ear.


The FIT 3100 itself doesn’t come with a power  button, but will automatically be switched on when you remove  them from the case, and switched off when you place them back. The left earbud  features a capacitive touch button to which a single press would increase the volume, while  a holding it would decrease it. The right earbud has a click button instead, where you can pause the current song with one click, skip to the next song with two clicks, and return  back to the previous song with 3 clicks.


The sound quality that this device produce is  clear, with singing vocals sounding great with no audio cracks even at  the highest volume. Although, the FIT 3100’s maximum volume isn’t as loud as one would like, and it  also lacks noise cancellation. For some music tracks which are bass heavy, the earbuds could only delivers somewhat average in quality of bass as it lacks the impactful beat.


Being certified IP57, the FIT 3100 is not only waterproof, but also dustproof which makes it even more ideal for all sorts of sport activities.  With a retail price of MYR 799 , the BackBeat FIT 3100 is reasonably priced for its features and capabilities.


Overall, the BackBeat FIT 3100 is  a great device and is truly meant to be used by anyone who wants simplicity of use, minimalistic design, and to enjoy music while doing outdoor sport activities.

Stuff says... 

Plantronics BackBeat FIT 3100 review

The true wireless earbuds, recommended for sports people who enjoy ambient noises with great overall audio quality. 
Good Stuff 
Light weight
Ease of use
Bad Stuff 
No noise cancelation
Volume is relatively low
Lack of bass