ZTE’s got a new device coming 16 September

Nobody gets left behind in this device launch competition
ZTE’s got a new device coming 16 September

These few weeks are going to be packed with announcements of the latest gadgets in the market – Apple’s scheduled to release the iPhone 6 on 9 September, and then there’s the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 coming on 3 September.

And the Chinese smart device vendors don’t want to get left behind in the game. ZTE’s announced, via a Vine video, that it’s due with a new device launch on 16 September in New York.  

Although ZTE’s last on the bandwagon in putting out an announcement this month, it probably is saving the best for last? In comparison, Huawei’s been sending out invites for its 4 September pre-IFA event in Berlin – we think it’s for its Ascend G7 mobile phone.

But no other news was revealed in the Vine video about the device ZTE’s launching, there wasn’t even an inkling at subliminal messaging of what its features might be or what it could possibly look like.

Not a single clue

The only thing that was announced with the use of paper origami was “you’re invited to see the next hot thing”, and this could literally mean anything – a new tablet, smartphone, or even a wearable device from the vendor. And why shouldn’t it? Even Xiaomi’s got a Mi Band wearable device in its tech range.

It’s worth noting that the video was put out by the vendor’s US arm (duh, the event is in New York), meaning that the chances of the upcoming device being launched in the US is pretty high.

We’re not sure if we’ll see this gizmo launch in Asia, although it’s slowly extending its reach into our country with its Blade L2, KIS 3 and Blade VEC 4G smartphones.

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[Source: GSM Arena