YouTube ditching annoying unskippable 30-second ads

Finally, one of the most annoying things about YouTube will be gone by 2018

In a bid to keep viewers, YouTube is getting rid of those 30-second unskippable advertisements.

Fighting with Facebook

YouTube isn't getting rid of all its unskippable ads - anything shorter than 30 seconds can still be made unskippable. Last year, YouTube introduced six-second unskippable bumper ads, which it is likely to promote more heavily.

The main reason to get rid of the 30-second, unskippable ad format is viewers just don't like them. Though advertisers might be a little upset, YouTube is just doing what it can to stay relevant now that Facebook is investing heavily in video.

With streaming services going into original content and Facebook also considering that arena as well, YouTube will have a tougher fight for eyeballs. Its premium service hasn't become much of a hit, likely because customers are too used to YouTube being free.

A YouTube without long unskippable advertisements seems like something to look forward to. While waiting for that, why don't you check out our tips and tricks for YouTube, to get the most out of your YouTube experience?

[Source: Campaignlive]