You're looking at a leaked image of Motorola's next Moto G

First look at Motorola's best bang-for-buck model holds no real surprises
Leaked: Sneak peek of the next Moto G

September as we know is going to be a month for smartphones. Motorola's will of course be fighting against Samsung and Apple for the limelight to showcase its lineup. For all we know, these leaked photos of the successor to the popular Moto G handset might be a pre-emptive move.

It pretty much looks like what we've seen from the Spanish website leak of the phone though no specs can be gleamed from this latest leak. The real question is whether Motorola has upped the ante enough on what we consider the best bang-for-buck phone in the market.

Dual-sim, swappable covers, deja vu

Leaked: Sneak peek of the next Moto G

What can be seen from the photos is that the next Moto G will have swappable back plates and that design-wise, it might have gotten inspiration from its cheaper brand mate, the Moto E.

Since the last Moto G was upgraded to have 4G, would it be too much to ask for Motorola to just ship the next phone with 4G already? And figure a way to not display the statuses of both SIMs if one SIM was not actively in use?

The phone looks like it has incorporated the Moto E's speaker placement and there might be space for a MicroSD slot, which was missing on the last Moto G. The addition of the latter would truly make it a value-for-money phone at its price point.

As to the screen, it looks a little larger and could possibly be a 5in display which is a small bump but not to the that point it becomes unwieldy.

In the meantime, Samsung is also gearing up for September and we think it'll pull a few surprises come the launch of the next Note.

[Source and images: HellomotoHK]