You're on the list: OnePlus X goes invite-free for everyone

OnePlus is getting better at the whole "supply and demand" thing

Great news if you’re after a budget bargain smartphone - OnePlus just scrapped the invite program for the OnePlus X.

Instead of asking your mates (or begging on Twitter) for an invite, you’ll finally be able to buy one straight from the OnePlus website - no faff required.

That applies to the £199 (RM1,193) standard model, in either Onyx or Champagne colours, but not the limited edition Ceramic version; you’ll still need an invite to nab one of the more exclusive phones.

The OnePlus X has only been around for three months, making this the company’s fastest turnaround from invite-only to fully on sale.

It took the best part of a year for the OnePlus One to go invite-free; the OnePlus 2 slashed that wait to 180 days, and now OnePlus has halved that time again. The OnePlus X went invite-free in just 92 days.

It puts the OnePlus X in a better position to compete with Motorola’s Moto G and other budget phones from Huawei, Oppo and ZTE - they all cost a similar amount but there was no wait required to pick one up at launch.

The quick turnaround could be great news for the inevitable OnePlus 3, which is supposed to be on track for a launch later this year. An invite-only system might build up hype for a hot new phone, but it’s annoying if you can’t get your hands on one.

It might still make an appearance, but fingers crossed OnePlus is able to ditch the invite system for good with its next phone.