You Can Now Get YouTube Premium In Malaysia; Free For Up To 4 Months

The 4-month trial isn't available to all though...

It's been pretty annoying to be on YouTube recently where we've been getting hit with ads in double doses. Well, if it's getting too much for you it looks like you can now watch ad-free and up to 4 months too! YouTube Premium has finally arrived in Malaysia and the subscription comes with a 4-month free trial, after which it's MYR17.99 per month.

There's also a family membership option that offers the same service for MYR26.90, though in this case you can add up to five family members in your household. For the terms and conditions on this one, all family members must be age 13 or older, have a Google Account, and reside in the same household as the family manager of the account. You can access all this under the YouTube app or even on a web browser, where upon clicking your icon on the top right, look for paid memberships.

Interestingly enough, not everyone will get all four months free trial. SoyaCincau readers have pointed out that they only have either 1 or 2 month free trials instead. So it looks like the length of the free trial depends on your account and device. 

Unfortunately for those using an iOS device like the iPhone or iPad, you will have to pay more as you'll be paying through iTunes. This means the price of the subscription will be MYR23.90 per month for an individual and MYR35.90 per month for the family plan with only a 1-month free trial to boot. The only way to avoid the extra fees is by paying for the subscription through a web browser on the device instead of through the YouTube app. 

For those unaware, YouTube Premium is a subscription service where you can not only watch videos ad-free, you can also save all videos and playlists offline on your device. You can also stream videos in the background while you run other apps, which means you don't have to put it on pause or close it completely to check out the latest on your Twitter feed.

YouTube Premium also comes with YouTube Music, which is a service similar to other music streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music, where you can listen to music in the background with no ads and you can download the songs to your device. If you only want YouTube Music, a 1-month free trial is available with a MYR14.90 per month subscription after that.