Xiaomi’s new Mi Band fitness tracker costs less than the meals you are keeping track of

At RM59, Xiaomi’s basic fitness tracker is undeniably a steal, and it has some nifty tricks to boot
Xiaomi’s new Mi Band fitness tracker costs less than the meals you are keeping t

If you weren’t sure before whether to take the plunge with a fitness band, Xiaomi is giving you way fewer reasons to say no. 

And plunge you may too, with the Mi Band – it’s certified IP67, meaning it’s very resistant to dust and can be submerged up to a depth of 1m for 30 minutes at Sunday funday pool parties.

The Mi Band is a fairly simple tracker: it tracks your steps (no altimeter here) and monitors your sleep patterns automatically without you having to press a button. While it doesn’t do much beyond measuring your steps taken as well as calories burned, and there’s no integration with popular monitoring apps like Runkeeper, it’s got enough of the basics covered to warrant a place on your wrist.

It works with many Android phones but for full functionality, you need a Mi 3 or a Redmi Note 4G. One of its coolest features is its ability to automatically unlock your Mi Phone’s screen by putting the Mi Band in close proximity with the phone. Other nice touches include being able to use the vibration to notify you of incoming calls, as well as a wake up alarm to gently vibrate you into consciousness.

The Mi Band’s standout feature is undoubtedly its battery life – rated for 30 days compared to its competitors like the Fitbit Flex or Jawbone UP24, which are rated for 5 days and 14 days respectively. This is partly due to its use of power-efficient Bluetooth v4.0. 

The Price is Right

Xiaomi’s new Mi Band fitness tracker costs less than the meals you are keeping t

As par for the course for virtually every Xiaomi product, it’s the price of the Mi Band that puts it in a league of its own. At RM59, it’s the cheapest fitness tracker by a country mile – you can’t even buy a set of replacement bands for some of the other trackers for that money. The Mi Band ships with a stock black strap, but you can get other colours to suit your mood. Unfortunately, there’s no word as to when these additional colours will be made available. 

Low maintenance and affordable, it's the perfect starter activity tracker for someone who's looking to get into the wearable action. Sold? The Mi Band will go on sale on 16 December, but only though a Fitness Bundle set (retailing for RM 648), which includes the Mi Band and a Redmi Note 4G. There are no plans to have it separately for now. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for more details.

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