Xiaomi Will Feature The Snapdragon 730 To Their Smartphones Soon

More power than ever!

Xiaomi isn’t one to lag behind in the competition. They have been a little bit more strategic in their approach in bringing the best in smartphones to their consumers, especially when it comes to their mainline Mi offerings and the midrange Redmi line. Though that doesn’t mean that the company isn’t ready to step up their game with new processors.

The most powerful of Xiaomi smartphones, that being the Mi 9 SE uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 712 processor. It certainly does the job well enough based on early reviews of the phone. While the Mi 9 SE will be fully unveiled tomorrow on the 30th of April, Xiaomi is already gearing up for their next big smartphone.

Thanks to Xiaomi India’s CEO, Manu Kumar Jain, he has confirmed that one of Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon processors will be coming to an upcoming Xiaomi smartphone. In a recent tweet, he hints that it will be the most recent 7 series processors that was announced two weeks ago. This is definitely either the 730 or 730 G that we have previously covered here. The Snapdragon 730 was made for AI-powered processing and AI images, so it is definitely an upcoming feature for Xiaomi phones.

So far only the Samsung A80 is the only smartphone in the market has been utilising the Snapdragon 730. With this announcement, many are speculating that the upcoming Mi A3 will be using this processor as well. Hopefully, a full confirmation by Xiaomi will come soon.