Why pay more? The OnePlus 3 is all the flagship phone you need

Top specs and a rock bottom price - it's a real bargain

You can put your credit card away, step away from the iPhone or Galaxy S7. OnePlus has done it again.

The OnePlus 3 is official, and it's an even bigger bargain than either of its predecessors. You really don't need to spend top dollar to get a high-spec handset any more - this is half the price you'd be shelling out for a brand new Apple or Samsung.

Better yet, you don't have to get in line to buy one. OnePlus has ditched its old invite system, so now anyone with the cash can pick up a handset - right now. It should be available on oneplus.net today, and will be showing up in pop-up stores across London, Paris, Berlin and New York later this week.

Here's why the OnePlus 3 is worth getting excited for.


Right off the bat, the OnePlus 3 is packing some serious power. It’s got a Snapdragon 820 CPU, pretty much the fastest mobile chip doing the rounds right now, and it’s paired with an incredible 6GB of RAM.

That’s more than any other flagship phone available right now, and should mean Android 6 absolutely flies - even when you’re switching between apps. 64GB of storage should keep you going, even if there's no microSD card slot to add more later.

You won’t have to worry about draining the 3000mAh battery with too many games of Clash Royale, either. OnePlus says its custom-built Dash Charge power adaptor can top up 60% of a full charge in half an hour.

It’ll keep working when you’re streaming video or playing games when connected to the mains, unlike other fast charging tech, because all the clever high current power management is done inside the plug, rather than on the phone.


The 16MP rear camera should give the OnePlus 3 the edge over pretty much everything else in the same price bracket. It’s got optical and electronic image stabilisation working together to make sure you don’t end up with blurry snaps.

Throw in an f/2.0 aperture, 4K video recording, automatic de-noise for low-light shooting and HDR, and you’ve got a seriously capable camera.

There's an 8MP snapper on the front too, with its own f/2.0 aperture lens and smile recognition for hands-free selfies. We all know you've done it, don't pretend you haven't.