WhatsApp now lets you ‘un-send’ your messages

You can finally get rid of your embarrassing drunken texts

WhatsApp’s new feature has been a long time coming: the capability to not just delete messages on your phone but to retract/erase messages you didn’t want to send in the first place. 

Better safe than sorry

The feature has been in the works for a while, and it’s set to go live on Android, iOS as well as Windows Phone. Its relief-inducing name? 'Delete for everyone'.

There are caveats, however. You only have a seven-minute window to delete texts - after that, there’s no more option to purge. Both users must also have the latest version of WhatsApp, with the feature enabled.

How does it work? Merely scroll to the unwanted message, press and hold to see extended options, then select ‘Delete for everyone’.

However WhatsApp won’t let you know if the delete didn’t work, nor will it stop people from seeing those unwanted messages in the first place. And there’s no way you would know if someone has taken a screenshot of any unwanted texts - so the rule, as always, is to just not send texts you don’t want people seeing in the first place. 

This shouldn’t need saying either, but how about just not sending texts when you're drunk/angry/sleepy? Don’t be fussed if you don’t see the feature available yet as it has yet to roll out to all phones. 

[Source: TNW]