Volvo Roam Delivery will let you send your shopping straight to your car

Digital key will turn your car boot into a drop-off point for online shops
Volvo Roam Delivery

Missed deliveries could be about to become a thing of the past – if you own a Volvo.

The Swedish car manufacturer is pioneering "Roam Delivery," a service which lets delivery drivers deposit your online shopping in your car, wherever it is.

The service uses Volvo's On Call app to locate your car, and assigns the delivery driver a one-use digital key, enabling them to open your vehicle up (but not to drive it off). You even get a text message to let you know that your order's been delivered.

Volvo reckons that up to 60 per cent of online shoppers have problems receiving the goods they've ordered; services like Amazon have tried various ways of getting around the problem, including lockers in local shops and even pie-in-the-sky drone delivery schemes.

Volvo's solution seems an elegant one – and it's certainly more convenient for the customer. But whether people will be happy handing the keys to their car over to a stranger – even if they're only digital ones – is up for debate.

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