Vivo Announces Launch Of First Commercial 5G Smartphone In Q3 2019 At MWC Shanghai 2019

This 5G smartphone will do more than just stream entertainment in an instant

Not long after launching a pre-commercial Vivo NEX 5G smartphone, Vivo has announced during the Mobile World Congress (MWC) Shanghai 2019 that they are now looking into launching its first commercial 5G smartphone with a laucnh date set sometime in Q3 2019.

Vivo is going all out in delivering a richer mobile experience in the 5G era. On top of also launching the Vivo AR Glass and Super FlashCharge 120W as reported earlier, the company has also showcased a range of 5G applications including 5G Cloud Game, 5G Screen Mirroring and 5G EasyShare and many more smart life scenarios.

A given example is the 5G Cloud Game demonstrated at MWC. The 5G Cloud Game does not run on the smartphone itself, but on the cloud via 5G network thanks to 5G’s ultra-high speed and ultra-low latency. Through cloud rendering services, video and audio is streamed in real-time to the device. By shifting the processing from the device to the cloud, users can now enjoy high-definition picture quality and a low-latency gaming experience. This working model also applies to 5G Screen Mirroring and 5G EasyShare.

With this, not only will the upcoming Vivo 5G smartphone make streaming a breeze, but is capable of saving space storoage as users will no longer need to download additional applications with the help of 5G enabled services.

It's definitely some exciting times to live in, and if it's true it would be launched sometime in Q3 2019, we're likely looking at a September launch, which means it's unlikely for us Malaysians to test it out seeing as 5G isn't quite ready here yet.