Virgin America lets you set your own Nest smart thermostat on your flight

Sir Richard Branson and Nest CEO Tony Fadell want you to fly in comfort with your personalised climate
Virgin lets you set your own personal thermostat on your flight

Well, oh my, Sir Richard Branson is in a video. With smart thermostat maker Nest Electronics CEO Tony Fadell, talking about a 'new addition' to Virgin America flights.

If you'd never heard of Nest, here's what they do best - specialising in making sensor-driven, Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats and smoke detectors. It's definitely doing something great, since Virgin America blogged that it was going to install Nest's thermostats on its flights, allowing you to personalise your in-flight climate control.

Hello Polar Vertex

Total Temperature Control feature for you, sir? Totally. Before you get to your destination, you'll get to choose from various custom climate settings to acclimate to the weather. Chicago Polar Vortex, Standard Day in Los Angeles, or Cancun Afternoon, you name the city and type of weather, the Nest thermostat has them all.

Apparently this will also save Virgin money besides making you more comfortable. "In addition to keeping our guests comfortable in-flight, the new technology also allows us to increase our fuel efficiency with Nest’s Auto Away function. When travelers get up from their seat for a bathroom break or to stretch their legs, their personalised climate system will pause – saving energy onboard."

But then what else can you expect from a company that accepts Bitcoins for flights to the sky with Virgin Galactic. And just a reminder, you guys, look at the calendar.