Unifi@mobile is yet another option in crowded telco scene

It's one for the family

TM killed off the webe brand but it's taken its mobile plans into a different direction. Say hello to Unifi@mobile.


It all starts with an app, which you can download on the App Store or Google Play.

Downloading the app will let you register for a plan from Unifi@mobile, a self-contained mobile only platform where even support is accessed via the app.

Up to five numbers can be registered to an account, a nice option for those who want family plans. With each plan, you get 20GB of LTE data (for early signups during the promotional launch period), 50MB of 3G/LTE data, 10 minutes of calls to all networks and 10 text messages to all networks.

There’s no expiry date for prepaid credit so long as your line remains active. To prevent it from becoming dormant, just use, reload or buy add-ons within 90 days of the last purchase.

The service does come with some limitations - for one thing, it's dependent on the 850MHz band, like webe was. Which means your phone will need to support the band.

As mentioned, new users who sign up early get free 20GB of data for early signups, as well as an activation fee waiver.

[Source: TM via Lowyat]