Unifi Insists They Are Not Blocking Game Servers

"We are gamers too," they said.

Recently there have been a number of complaints of which many gamers have been unable to access game servers such as from Ubisoft and even connectivity issues with their PlayStation 4. The blame has been placed on Unifi, with accusations that Unifi is blocking gaming servers.

Unifi has since released a statement denying this, claiming that they are gamers too and that they are currently investigating the matter and communicating with the server providers of the affected platforms.

This issue is also being experienced by those in other countries as well, which is why Unifi came up with some suggestions on how to fix this such as contacting the game's server provider directly, or try a solution for their PSN Network Address Translation (NAT) configuration.

For those affected, this situation seems like it will carry on as no clear solution is available. On the bright side, we can be sure that Unifi isn't stopping gamers from doing what they love most so let's put those rumours to rest.