Twitch adds video-on-demand to its mobile apps

As if you needed more reason to waste time on Twitch

Twitch is now allowing users to access Video on Demand content on their mobile devices. On the activity feed on any channel you can find the on-demand content as long as the channel owner has made the live streaming available for their content and you can see past videos on a smartphone or tablet.

Tapping on any offline channel will take you to an activity feed where you can also search in the in-app search page for VOD content. Content such as game play and Twitch Weekly can be viewed on-demand.

Additionally Twitch is asking Android users to download an entirely new app. Security issues have forced Twitch to develop an all-new app available  via Google Play. Updating the old app will not fix the problem. There is no info to what the security flaw may be.

[Source: TNW]