Obviously, PhoneDrone turns your smartphone into a drone

Are you insane enough to launch a phone into the sky? Here's how

Drones have been a big hit as you can see their utilisation everywhere, in military, video and photography, and as a hobby. One problem - it ain't exactly cheap.

Lurk on Kickstarter, however, and you'll find PhoneDrone, an exoskeleton for your phone that has propellers. Yes, it literally gives your smartphone wings. Now, who of sane mind would launch a smartphone hundreds of feet in the air?

But think about it, instead of buying an expensive drone, xCraft designed the PhoneDrone to be affordable because you leverage on the tech you have on your phone, so PhoneDrone only provides the drone body, battery and control software therefore making it much more affordable at the price of US$250 a piece.

You would still need to have a second smartphone on the ground to control the drone from the ground but it wouldn’t be a problem for people who just happen to have an old smartphone lying around

All in all, xCraft has a month to reach its goal of US$250,000 and has already raised $65,000. The early bird backer rewards have all run out but you can still get your hands on a PhoneDrone for US$250. If everything goes well, expect to receive your PhoneDrone by the end of the year.

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