Transfer funds to any device with MasterCard Send

As if you needed anymore reason to use your card

MasterCard is currently introducing Send, a new service which allows customers to swiftly and securely transfer funds electronically.



Speedy money

Send is available for everyone, including government agencies, NGOs, merchants and businesses, and you can transfer your funds domestically or internationally. The recipients do not even need a bank account but the sender would need to be carrying a MasterCard, and funds are able to be transferred via wire services like Western Union. Even debit cards have access to this service, just as long it carries a MasterCard logo.

The company is still secretive about how this works but says that funds are available anytime and anywhere, via any device. At the moment the service is already available in the US with companies like Berkshire Hathaway and already utilising the service.

[Source: TNW]