Tip jars, 60fps video among new things for YouTube creators to play with

At Google's Vidcon, reason for YouTubers to rejoice and perhaps make more money
Tip jars, 60fps video among new things for YouTube creators to play with

YouTube is still the reigning king of the online video space but Google seems keen to cement that status by announcing a slew of new features at Vidcon, the industry's biggest gathering of video creators.

Those new features were detailed on the official Google YouTube Partners & Creators blog. Most notable is the new YouTube Creator Studio app, already available on Android while iOS will see it in the next few weeks. The app will allow YouTuber creators to check on their video stats while on the go, respond to comments and messages, customise notifcations as well as edit video details and settings. If you're already using the desktop version, expect some minor tweaks as well.

High FPS fun

Tip jars, 60fps video among new things for YouTube creators to play with

To add more audio fun, YouTube now has royalty-free sound effects to complement the many free songs in its Audio Library. Great way to avoid copyright lawsuits.

But people who make gaming videos will most of all appreciate the support for higher framerates: 48 and 60 fps sounds good? The newer faster fps won't be out as yet as Google only said they would happen in the 'coming months'. You can however preview they would look like on the YT Creator Channel.

Fans can now contribute money to channels of their choice and if you would like to test the tip jar feature, then sign up. Other things fans can contribute - subtitles! Fans will soon be able to submit translations in any language but these will need to be based on the captions you produced for your videos.

YouTube is also introducing Creator Credits, a great tool for people who collaborate with other YouTubers for joint projects. It lets you now create tags that will let viewers click through to channels or even search for collaboratoers based on what they do and where they are.

Other tweaks: updated info cards that will work across PCs, phones and tablets, a weekly show with radio channel SiriusXM, "The YouTube 15" and updates to how playlists work.

If shorter videos are more your thing, perhaps surf on over to Vine which has now made its experience a lot more YouTube-like.

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