Tiny Lumo Lift smartbutton kills bad posture with nagging

Lumo's stealth health warrior aims to cure your tech hunchback for good
Lumo Lift posture tracker at CES 2014

PhotoShop Claw, iPhone Hunchback, stubbed toes from the robot vac. When you've got the tech ailment blues, who do you turn to? Tech, of course.

All those hours pouring over your smartphone, tablet, smartwatch or laptop make for backs that need cracking. That's why Lumo BodyTech is continuing its mission to nag us into standing up straighter with the launch of the teeny Lumo Lift gadget badge at CES. 

Last year's LumoBack tracker, which strapped around the waist and buzzed when it detected slouching, was very accurate when we had a play but the thick elasticated band didn't exactly make itself scarce, poking through our tee-shirts. So the mind boggles at how Lumo BodyTech has crammed the same single-sensor system into what's essentially a next-gen button. 

Bringing Flexy Back

Lumo Lift with the iOS app
You will be THIS happy if you buy the Lumo Lift

Designed to be worn on the inside of your clothes with the colurful magnetic clasps holding it in place, the Lift will vibrate to discipline you for bad posture, just like the LumoBack does. The difference is that the Lumo Back focuses on your lower back and correcting back pain while the Lift cares more about your chest, shoulders and upper back. 

Lumo BodyTech says that because it's the same, insanely accurate single-sensor system it doesn't matter where you place the tracker (collar, bra strap, vest) - it will still detect the position your body is in, steps taken and whether you're walking, running or driving. The battery lasts five days and will recharge in under two hours. 

The Lift itself comes in Gloss White, Black Chrome and Silver Chrome finishes with the magnetic clasps sold separately in lots of colours. Though the LumoBack now works with Android, the Lift will be iOS only at first with access to activity trends and movement goals. 

If you fancy sorting out your posture then you can snap up the Lumo Lift for US$100 (RM326), excluding shipping costs, when it lands in mid-October.

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