Beware, there's a video floating around that could crash your iPhone

Be very wary about clicking video links

Remember that terrible WhatsApp texting bug? Well, another malicious message is floating around but this time it's a video.

Instant freeze

Of course, people being people, the link is already surfacing elsewhere with people saying "use this to crash any phone (iPhone)". Of course, we suggest you not be friends with people like this but what does the video do exactly?

What it does is trigger a memory leak, causing the phone to immediately lock up and force you to reboot the phone. It is likely to do with an iOS 10 vulnerability, specifically how it handles corrupted video.

Now, it won't happen by clicking a link; you'd have to download the offending video or click a link that automatically downloads and plays said video. But sometimes URLs are masked thus hiding the video's content. In short, just don't click on dodgy links especially if they're on sites that you can't verify.

Apple has yet to comment on this latest vulnerability but expect a patch sooner than later. The problem with vulnerabilities like this is that they can be used to compromise phones and with so many phones already updated to iOS 10, this could be a potential headache down the line.

In the meantime, just don't click on dodgy links or download weird files, iOS users. That should go for every phone type anyhow.

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[Source: Engadget]