Tag Heuer teases our wrists with a mysterious Android Wear watch

Expect luxury, and a price tag to match

As things stand, the Huawei Watch is one of the most expensive Android Wear devices around, but that looks set to change.

Established timepiece forger Tag Heuer has teased an Android Wear device of its very own, stating that it will officially be revealed to the world on 9 November.

The teaser reveals very little of the watch itself, though we've adjusted the brightness and contrast to try and reveal as much as we can. At best, we can confirm that it's circular, has a crown, a number-engraved bezel, and what is likely to be a black leather strap option.

Oh, and it also came with a #connectedtoeternity hashtag, so yeah... whatever the hell that means.

Tag Heuer's CEO already revealed the company's plans for a smartwatch last month, stating that it would hit shelves for around US$1800 (RM11,550). Painful, but not surprising.

Rumours have suggested that the watch will have a 40-hour batter life, be powered by Qualcomm's Quark processor, and will run on a newer, Marshmallow version of Android Wear.

We'll just have to wait until 9 November for all the facts, so stay tuned.